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Gold Trading
Gold investment was a very popular financial method. Of course, if one wanted to invest in gold, they had to trade it. Otherwise, they would not be able to achieve the goal of earning money. For newbies, they usually didn't know much about the gold transaction. After all, they didn't have actual combat experience. Then what exactly did the gold transaction mean and what was the gold spot transaction? This article briefly introduced the gold transaction to everyone.
What exactly did the gold transaction mean
The gold transaction was a contract transaction based on the principle of capital leverage. According to the international gold deposit contract's transaction standard, a person could buy a transaction right of one hundred taels of gold at the price of one kilo of gold, and buy and sell it up and down at the price of 100 taels of gold, in order to earn the difference profit from the fluctuation of the gold price. If the difference in price was made up, he could also extract physical gold.
There were real-time transactions, pending orders transactions, and fixed investment in gold. The so-called real time transaction meant that investors paid attention to the gold market and gold price in real time, buying or selling gold at any time.
The pending transaction referred to a pre set target price and the amount of buying and selling. When the gold price in the market reached the set price, the transaction system would automatically trade according to the price entrusted by the investor. The advantage of this kind of transaction was that it could complete the transaction without paying attention to the market and operating on time. The difficulty of registration transaction was that the investor needed to have a certain ability to predict the gold price, otherwise he couldn't get a good return from the investor.
The principle of the fixed investment in gold was similar to that of the fund. They would invest in a fixed amount on a regular basis. Generally, the quantity, interval and effective period of the fixed investment of gold should be set. After setting it, the system will automatically buy the gold shares for the investors on time and in accordance with the quantity.
What is the gold spot transaction
Gold spot, also known as international gold in London, was a virtual book transaction that did not need to be delivered. Investors used the fluctuation of gold price to buy and sell to earn the difference in price.
The gold spot transaction was based on the deposit trading system. An investor who participated in the spot gold transaction only needed to pay a portion of the security deposit in proportion. For example, if the leverage rate was 1:100, it meant that if an investor wanted to participate in the gold spot transaction of 100, he only needed to pay 1 security deposit. The security deposit transaction system greatly reduced the transaction costs and threshold for investors to invest.
The gold spot transaction was made 24 hours a day. There were gold exchanges all over the world, so the gold spot market had a 24 hour trading system. Investors could trade from 08:00 on Monday to 03:00 on Saturday. Among them, from 20:00 p.m. to 24:00 p.m. in Beijing, the most active transaction was made, which was in line with the daily routine of domestic investors.
T+0 was adopted for the spot gold transaction. The spot trading of gold was a buy and sell mechanism. The investor could buy and sell at any time, but the purchase orders could be closed at any time during the trading time.
This article introduced the specific meaning of the gold transaction and what the gold spot transaction was. Now everyone should understand the concept of the gold transaction. It could be seen that there were many kinds of gold trading, but the overall principle was still to buy at a low price and sell at a high price. Gold future was a very important variety in the future. If one wanted to make a good investment in gold, he not only needed to understand the concept of gold trading, but also needed to grasp relevant trading skills.
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Gold investment is a financial project with considerable income, but novice friends should also pay attention to whether gold investment is risky. If they do not master relevant skills, they will not make money but lose money. So what should we pay attention to in gold investment and what skills do novices have in gold speculation? This article will give you the specific problem of novice speculation in gold.
What should we pay attention to in gold investment
1. Novice investors should reserve knowledge
Investors should first master the relevant basic knowledge of gold investment, such as the trading varieties of gold and its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the pricing mechanism of gold and the fluctuation relationship between gold price and US dollar and international crude oil price. We should also master some basic analysis methods of gold investment, such as the fundamentals and supply and demand of personal gold investment in China, and how to analyze the trend of gold price according to important economic data.
2. Novice investors should be psychologically prepared
Some investors involved in the early stage will show uneasiness in investment due to lack of psychological preparation. This fully shows that the risks brought by gold price fluctuations exist objectively. When investing in gold, we must have sufficient risk awareness and psychological preparation.
3. Novice investors should do a good job in variety selection
The first problem encountered in investing in gold is the choice of varieties. The varieties of personal gold investment on the market since this year are dizzying. At present, the personal gold trading business approved by the four major state-owned commercial banks mainly includes two categories of products. The first category is the account gold series (also known as paper gold), which is realized through electronic bookkeeping. Similar to stocks, funds and treasury bonds, investors can obtain the price difference income of gold price fluctuation by buying low and selling high.
4. Novice investors should pay attention to capital control
Remember not to use your living capital as trading capital. Excessive capital pressure will mislead your investment strategy and increase trading risk, resulting in greater mistakes. Each investment should be one third of your idle funds, and you can gradually join in when you succeed. When your profit exceeds your principal, you'd better withdraw the principal and use the surplus funds to do it.
What are the skills for novices to fry gold
Homeopathic trading. Precious Metals Trading Spot gold contains high leverage risk, and investors can choose to trade with the trend. Once the spot gold price forms a trend, it will not change in the short term, because the daily trading volume of the spot gold market is huge. When the gold price continues to rise, investors can take stop losses and make orders along the direction of the trend. Of course, you can also try to trade against the trend, but don't trade against the trend frequently.
Stop the loss according to the preset price. There is a risk of sliding point in spot gold investment. Sliding point is an uncontrollable risk. Once the platform slides significantly, investors may face the risk of position explosion. Stop loss alone can reduce the risk of sliding point. If investors choose the price limit platform, because the price limit platform promises to trade in strict accordance with the set price at any time.
Focus on the evening market. If you want to enter the market and make a profit, both novices and veterans attach great importance to the opportunity. For novices, the easiest time to make a profit is the night time, because between 8:00 and 12:00 at night is the superposition time of European and American markets. During this time, the market has the most capital in and out, so the trading volume is the largest.
As for the problem of novice gold speculation, this paper focuses on what aspects should be paid attention to in gold investment and what skills novice gold speculation has. It can be seen that there are still many skills to master if you want to make a good investment in gold, so it is suggested that novices should make relevant preparations before formally investing in gold, including technical level and mentality.
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It is still very difficult for novices to fry gold at the beginning, so novice friends need to make relevant preparations, including understanding the basic knowledge of gold speculation, as well as the characteristics and rules of gold investment market. In addition, they have to contact and experience investment. This article focuses on the steps for novices to fry gold and the skills to fry gold.
What are the steps for novices to fry gold
First of all, beginners should study patiently and do not rush to open a real trading account. Don't compare with others, because everyone needs different learning time and obtains different investor experience. In the learning process of simulated trading, your main goal is to develop personal operation strategies and types. When your profit probability increases day by day and your monthly profit increases gradually, it means that you can open a real trading account for margin trading.
Simulated transactions. Beginners should learn patiently and step by step. Don't rush to open a real trading account. Although the funds are not real, the trend of gold is consistent with the market. Through long-term learning and practical operation, the main goal of investors is to summarize their own operation strategy and trading system. In the learning process of simulated trading, the main goal of investors is to develop personal operation strategies and patterns. When the profit probability of investors increases day by day and the monthly profit increases gradually, it means that investors can open a real trading account for margin trading.
Fund management. Remember not to use living capital as trading capital. Excessive capital pressure will mislead investors' investment strategies and increase trading risks, resulting in greater mistakes. Each investment should be one-third of the idle funds of investors, which can be gradually added when it is successful. Investors should treat orders rationally, maintain a good attitude, and try not to enter when the trend is not obvious.
Strict stop loss. Strictly stop loss to reduce risk. When investors do trading, they should establish a tolerable loss range and make good use of stop loss trading to avoid huge losses. The loss range should be set at 3-10% of the total amount of the account according to the capital situation of the account. In addition, investors must formulate trading strategies and remember to control the trading by themselves, rather than let the trading control the investors.
Is there any technique for frying gold
Try not to overweight when losing money: when the market suddenly moves in the opposite direction after buying or selling gold, some investors will want to overweight again, which is very dangerous. The more you fall, the more you buy. If the gold price doesn't turn back, the result is undoubtedly a vicious loss.
Don't blindly pursue integer points: sometimes in gold investment, things will be delayed in order to compete for several points. It could have closed positions and made profits, but due to the original goal, it missed the best price and missed the opportunity in waiting.
Establish a position when the board breaks through: the board is a balanced performance between buyers and sellers. Whether in the process of rising or falling, the market price will break through the customs and go up or down once the board is over, which is a good time to enter the market and establish a position. If the board belongs to long-term cowhide, the position established when breaking through the board will have a greater chance of making great profits.
With regard to the introduction of gold frying, this paper focuses on the steps for novices to fry gold Trade Gold and the skills to fry gold. It can be seen that the introduction of gold speculation can start with understanding the basic knowledge, then carry out simulation training, get familiar with the market through simulation trading, and let yourself master relevant operations and accumulate experience. As for the skills of gold speculation, these investors mentioned in this paper need to pay attention to.